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Reduce costs and improve data quality through automation.

Reduce Labor and Errors
  • Program all pumps for multiple dose groups across the entire study duration in less than twenty minutes.
  • After initial programming is complete, users need not calculate
    and enter settings directly into each pump daily. 
  • Reduce errors by importing new weight tables to calculate flow
    rate(s). Potentially avoid hundreds of thousands of key strokes!


Minimize Human Variables

  • iPRECIO Dual removes the need to enter the animal room before the end of physiologic measurements to remove the pump and extract remaining test article from the animal’s catheter.
  • Safety pharmacology studies are performed without any interaction
    with the animals from several hours pre-dose to 20/24
    hours post-dose.
  • Rely on iPRECIO Dual. It continues the infusion protocol (and
    stores history) even if communication with the system is lost.
  • Wirelessly program or re-program in real-time.
  • Users stay informed by selecting alerts to receive.

Automated and Flexible

  • Dual inlet for two test articles or one test article and one
    maintenance article for flushing and maintaining the infusion line.
  • Real-time status display is provided for all pumps.
  • Compatible with all commonly-used infusion ports.
  • Capable of infusing at rates between 0.6 to 120ml/hour. 

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