An ECG Noise Reduction Solution for Nonclinical Studies.

Saves Time.
The VivaQuant In-Line Filter (ILF) is a tool that allows researchers to more quickly analyze ECG data from large animal preclinical studies. The ILF effectively filters noise from ECG signals with subcutaneous lead placement*

Improved ECG Signal Quality.
The ILF is compatible with DSI large animal telemetry system configurations including implants, receivers and software. Using the ILF, researchers can filter the noise commonly associated with ECG data collection. The reduction in noise has proven to increase analyzable data by up to 98%. 

Easy to Use.
The ILF offers a simple 3 step, plug-in process to install the filter and easily add on to an existing preclinical system setup. Validate the VivaQuant ILF via a simple change control. The pass-through ports allow for simultaneous comparison of filtered and unfiltered data. In addition, DSI offers on-site validation services plus system set-up assistance to get your studies running without delay.

Please see the related information document for product specifications.

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