Implantable Glucose Telemetry

The HD-XG glucose telemetry implant offers preclinical diabetes and metabolic disease scientists a novel solution to obtain continuous, real-time, blood glucose measurements in laboratory animals. 

Researchers can now collect data for 28 days or longer while reducing animal stress and measurement variability commonly associated with glucose test strip measurements. Adoption of the HD-XG in preclinical research studies will ultimately lead to the development of better drugs, better devices, and better therapies for humans. 

For detailed information regarding DSI's implantable glucose offering, visit our glucose microsite here.

Several studies have already been conducted with DSI's glucose telemetry. Simply click on the poster title below to view the poster abstract. Copies of posters are available upon request.

HD-XG Calibration Animation

Glucose Poster Abstracts

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring During Pregnancy in Healthy Mice - February 2021

  • Contrasting effects of afferent and efferent vagal nerve stimulation on insulin secretion and blood glucose regulation

  • Afferent vs. efferent cervical vagal nerve stimulation: effects on blood glucose, insulin, and glucagon concentrations in rats

  • Sustained effect of glucagon on body weight and blood glucose: Assessed by continuous glucose monitoring in diabetic rats

  • Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring Reveals Enormous Circadian Variations in Pregnant Diabetic Rats

  • From Mouse to Monkey: Revolutionizing Research via Preclinical Continuous Glucose Telemetry

  • Use Of Real-Time Glucose Monitoring In Rats To Investigate Changes In Glucose Excursions And Hypoglycemia After Bariatric Surgery

  • Non-insulin determinant pathways maintain glucose homeostasis upon metabolic surgery

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring Reduces Stress and Improves Metabolic Data Quality in Mice

  • Changes in blood glucose as a function of body temperature in laboratory mice: implications for daily torpor

  • High Fat Diet Induced Hypertension is Associated with a Pro-Inflammatory T Cell Profile in Male and Female Dahl Salt Sensitive Rats

  • Improved glucose homeostasis in male obese Zucker rats coincides with enhanced baroreflexes and activation of the nucleus tractus solitarius

  • Glucagon receptor agonists

  • Dosage regimen for a phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase inhibitor

  • Continuous glucose and food intake monitoring in the male ZDSD rat: Comparison of normal and high-fat diets - EB 2014

  • Long-term blood glucose monitoring with implanted telemetry device in conscious and stress-free cynomolgus monkeys - JEI 2017

  • Letter to the Editor: Diabetes in rats is cured by islet transplantation… but only during daytime - CT 2016

  • Accuracy of Continuous Glucose Telemetry throughout a Stepped Hyperinsulinemic-Euglycemic-Hypoglycemic Clamp in Rats - ADA 2017

  • The Effect of Blood Glucose Telemeter Implantation on Oral Glucose Tolerance Testing and Glucose Monitoring in Diet-Induced Obese Mouse - AALAS 2016

  • Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring in a Rat Model of Islet Transplantation - EASD 2016

  • Artificial Intelligence Based Artificial Pancreas System In an Animal Model of Stress Induced Hyperglycemia - ADA 2016

  • Continuous Glucose Measurements Using Telemetry in Male and Female Dahl Salt-Sensitive Rats on a High-Fat Diet - EB 2016

  • Unlocking a More Comprehensive Assessment of Diet with Continuous, Chronic Blood Glucose and Complete Hemodynamic Monitoring in Rodents - EB 2016

  • Blood Glucose Fluctuations during Daily Activities and Stress Procedures in Cynomolgus Monkeys Monitored By Implanted Telemetry Device - ENDO 2016

  • Changes in Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate and Temperature in Rats Challenged with Either Low Carbohydrate, or High Carbohydrate Treats Following a 12 Hour Fast: Changes Tracked Using Dual Telemetry Implants - ENDO 2016

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring for Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism Research in Rodents - Webinar 2015

  • Impact of a High-Fat Diet on Blood Glucose and Blood Pressure in Female and Male Dahl Salt-Sensitive Rats - APS 2015

  • Fully Implantable Arterial Blood Glucose Device for Metabolic Research Applications in Rats for Two Months - JDST 2015

  • Long-term Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Conscious Stressfree Nonhuman Primates with Implanted Telemetry Device - ADA 2015

  • Telemetry for Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Rats - AALAS 2015

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring via Telemetry in Rats - MTS 2015

  • Assessment of the hyperglycemia profile of NVP-BYL719, a selective inhibitor of the class Ia PI3K isoform alpha using real-time continuous glucose monitoring via radio-telemetry in rats - AACR-NCI-EORTC 2015

  • Continuous recording of blood glucose reveals that taste modulates the blood glucose response to a gavaged glucose load - SSIB 2015

  • Modulation of Blood Glucose Concentration by Vagal Nerve Stimulation - EB 2015

  • 28-day Continuous Glucose Profiles Via Implantable Telemetry in Mice - ENDO 2015

  • Continuous Glucose Correlation with Food Intake in the Male C57BL Mouse - SWCIB 2015

  • Continuous glucose and food intake monitoring in the male ZDSD rat: Comparison of normal and high-fat diets - SSIB 2014

  • Assessment of Insulin Response in STZ Rats Using Continuous Glucose Telemetry - ADA2014

  • Assessment of Insulin Response in STZ Rats Using Continuous Blood Glucose Telemetry – Keystone 2014

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring via Telemetry in Rats - EASD 2013

  • Comparison of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems in Type 1 Rat Model - ADA 2013

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring via Telemetry in Rats – ADA 2013

  • Time-dependent effects of ipragliflozin on behaviour and energy homeostasis in normal and type 2 diabetic rats: continuous glucose telemetry analysis

  • Decreased complexity of glucose dynamics preceding the onset of diabetes in mice and rats

  • Comparison of Continuous Glucose Monitoring between Dexcom G4 Platinum and HD-XG Systems in Nonhuman Primates (Macaca Fascicularis)

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Female NOD Mice Reveals Daily Rhythms and a Negative Correlation With Body Temperature - En 2017

  • Rhythmic Differences of Blood Glucose Circadian Between Normoglycemic and Diabetic Non-Human Primates - ADA 2017

  • Novel Telemetry Technology for Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Mice - MTS 2016

  • Evaluation of a prototype HD-XG telemetry implant for real-time continuous glucose monitoring in mice - FELASA 2016

  • Advantages of Glucose Monitoring with Implantable Telemetry in Freely Moving Conscious Nonhuman Primates - ADA 2016

Product Specifications
  • Intended species: rat
  • Measures blood glucose, body temperature & activity
  • Glucose Sensor placed in the blood stream
    • Sensor sized for rat descending aorta
    • Range of 10-750 mg/dL (0.5-42 mmol/l)
    • Bi-weekly calibration recommended
  • Device weight:  2.2 g
  • Device volume: 1.4 cc
  • Warranted Battery and Sensor Life: 28 days from time of implant
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