Small Animal Telemetry

DSI offers multiple telemetry implants options for rats and similar sized animals that measure a variety of parameters.

The design of the implant allows for subcutaneous or intraperitoneal placement. PhysioTelTM implants can be re-sterilized between uses, extending their life and reducing costs. To further reduce costs, researchers have found the DSI Exchange Program to be an incredible value. 

Scientists seeking greater parameter accuracy (e.g. dP/dt) will find the HD-S21 to be ideal for high-fidelity applications.  DSI has developed a technical note entitled, DSI Pressure Sensing Technologies in Small Animal Chronic Monitoring Applications”  to provide further information about how this technology advancement will enable many new small animal monitoring possibilities.

Integrate Non-Telemetric Signals

DSI's Signal Interface makes it possible to combine and synchronize other physiologic signals.

Telemetry Implants for Small Animals


Model Weight (gm) Volume (cc) Pressure   Respiratory Rate* Temperature Activity Biopotential Channels Battery Life (months)
8 5.9 2





 1 2
8 5.9  2 bullet   bullet  bullet    2

8 5.9 bullet  bullet
1 2(FO)/3(F2)
8  5.9   bullet  bullet   bullet bullet    2(FO)/3(F2) 


4.4 3.1 bullet bullet 
 HD-XG (Glucose)

2.2 1.4     bullet bullet   1.5***
4.7 3.3  
 bullet bullet
2 5

 7.25 3.5      bullet bullet    12 


7.5 3.5



12.8 8.8 bullet  bullet

 8 4.2    bullet    bullet bullet   1  6


11.5   5.5   bullet   bullet bullet   3  2
 (sympathetic nerve   activity)
12  5.5         bullet    2
* Implants can measure respiratory rate from pleural pressure, diaphragmatic EMG (it is recommended to acquire ECG with dEMG for filtering out ECG contamination during respiratory rate analysis).
**Available in two frequencies: 455 kHz (F0) and 18 MHz (F2). Pair housing capable.
***Sensor often functions for 6-8 weeks; warranty is 4 weeks.
#Available in two frequencies: 8 MHz (F1) and 18 MHz (F2). Pair housing capable.
##Available with an external thermistor probe if desired.

DSI’s PhysioTel HD implants allow researchers to focus on
what matters — research.

Enhance data security with Animal ID
• Have confidence that the data collected is from the intended animal.

Reduce study setup time with Auto-Calibration
• Save time with auto-calibration and eliminate human error during
manual entry of offsets.

Maximize battery life with Battery On-Time Counter
• Dynamic battery life updates to assist with efficient study planning
and re-use of implants.